The Suites Album now available on Modisti Netlabel!
The Suites Album is currently available on Modisti Netlabel

Spontaneous Interview
Interview done by fellow resident back in Finland. In my defense I didn't have a coffee yet!!!

Feel free to add...

Feel Free to Add!
Composition for Radio Quartet
A Composition for Radio Quartet was finished in October in Arteles and will be presented early next year(hopefully!)
If you would like any more info just let me know and I would be glad to answer any questions!

A composition created for a quartet of radios using applied hypothetical metaphor to bring attention to what is in a note (what gives it it's value/s) and also to bring attention to the impractical nature and characteristics of standard notating practices by simplifying one of the key elements in music, the note's pitch, into the number of it's rate of frequency(Hz).
An album of Suites is prepared and looking for a label