Thought and impulse are the two intertwined entities that create action. The action is the byproduct of the thought and impulse directly and/or indirectly. Thus the study of thought and impulse is necessary for absolute analysis of the action which is imperative in correcting any conflict that exists in the human experience(social, physical, psychological, political, metaphysical). This is at the core of Eiliyas's work as a way to further understand himself and the world, and the worlds he creates where at times objects exist only as forms cultivating their own semiotics and connotations. And also to evoke and absorb the most fulfillment of all three.

Sound, concept, video, synchronicity, broken technology, idealism, pen, paper, pencil, ink, 80's-90's hip-hop production equipment, song, simplicity, layers, life, environment, and other are just some of the tools that Eiliyas uses to execute his artistic endeavors.